Do I need to pre-book?

To guarantee a seat on the transfer we recommend you pre-book your ticket. Attention! Taxi vehicles are limited in the region, therefore you can not expect there is free vehicles on site when you arrive.

When can I latest make a reservation?

We close the booking online 24h prior to departure, if you need to book a transfer after our booking has closed, please contact us for availability.

Can I pay with cash on the transfer?

No, we only accept cardpayment in the vehicle or at the airport service desk.

Can I bring skis?

Yes, one handluggage, one suitcase and one specialbaggage per person.

Is there booster seats in the transfer?

When booking a private transfer we ask you to please book this when making your reservation.

What happens if there is delay on my flight to Scandinavian Mountains Airport?

We will change the departure time so it suits your new arrival.

What happens if there is delay on my flight from Scandinavian Mountains Airport?

The transfer will leave at time displayed on your ticket from a bus stop at the ski resort.

Is 20 minutes enough to be able to catch my transfer?

Yes, 20minutes is enough from when you leave the aircraft. If you are not able to get out within 20 minutes the transfer will wait for you with a pre-booked ticket.

How do I find my transfer at the airport?

Follow the signs out from the arrivals, if you have booked shared transfer there is bus stops outside the terminal with number and name of your ski resort, if you have booked private transfer our driver will meet you at the arrivals.

Does the transfer always stop at all bus stops?

The transfer always stops at all stops. If you arrive before your check-in time we recommend you get of at a central place of your ski resort.

What fuel does the transferbuses run on?

All buses and taxis run on the fossil-free fuel HVO100.

Further questions?

Please contact us on or +46 280-203 00.