1. Booking of tickets.

Booking of tickets is mandatory to ensure you have a seat in the bus. If you are in need of a special seat because of illness we will demand a copy of your medical certificate. This must have received 4 days prior to departure. Adults travelling with children under 15 years is obligated to make sure the child is using a seatbelt.

When you have completed an order, you will receive an order confirmation and your receipt. If you did not receive a confirmation or receipt, please contact us.

It is you as traveler to make sure all the information on your ticket is correct with final destination, time, date and total travelers.

If you are travelling with a wheelchair please contact us.

Tickets can be booked on www.salenbuss.se or phone +46 280-203 00.

If tickets are booked via phone we will add 100 SEK in administration fee.

Travelling with shared direct transfer without pre-booked ticket.

You can buy ticket on place if the route is in traffic. The route is only trafficking the stops where there is sold tickets to/from. The route is only in traffic if there is bookings 48 hours prior to departure.

Travelling with private transfer without pre-booked vehicle.

We can not guarantee that we have a free vehicle. Contact us and we will make sure to have vehicle as soon as possible.

Booking stops online.

Shared direct transfer 24 hours prior to departure.

Private transfer 24 hours prior to departure.

2. Place of departure.

Shared direct transfer

Boarding can only happen at our specified stops for shared direct transfer. It is up to you as traveler to make sure you have the correct departure place and be there in good time prior to departure.

Make sure you have booked to/from correct stops. The route is only stopping on the stops with tickets sold to/from.

For place of departure at Scandinavian Mountains Airport follow the instructions on site.

Private transfer

If you have booked private transfer, make sure that you gave us the correct place of pick-up/drop-of. Be ready for departure at the time of pick-up.

When departing from Scandinavian Mountains Airport our driver will meet up with you on site.

3. Prices

Destination Shared  transfer Private 1–3pass Private 4–8pass Private 9–20pass Private 21–53pass Private 54–79pass
Kläppen 310 SEK 1595 SEK 2300 SEK 2970 SEK 3780 SEK 5800 SEK
Sälens By - 1200 SEK 1645 SEK 2750 SEK 3560 SEK 5800 SEK
Lindvallen / Sälfjällstorget 275 SEK 1065 SEK 1500 SEK 2420 SEK 3450 SEK 4500 SEK
Högfjällshotellet 240 SEK 935 SEK 1320 SEK 2420 SEK 3450 SEK 4500 SEK
Stöten 240 SEK 935 SEK 1320 SEK 2420 SEK 3450 SEK 4500 SEK
Tandådalen / Hundfjället 180 SEK 695 SEK 1045 SEK 2420 SEK 3450 SEK 4500 SEK
Trysil 365 SEK 2250 SEK 2900 SEK 3400 SEK 4500 SEK 5800 SEK
Fageråsen 365 SEK 2400 SEK 2970 SEK 3400 SEK 4500 SEK 5800 SEK

Prices are one-way to/from Scandinavian Mountains Airport.

On shared transfer children under 11 years have a 50% discount.

On shared transfer children under 1 year travel for free in company with an adult.

Payment Klarna, card payment and direct payment. (Visa, Mastercard)

Cancellation insurance shared transfer 40: - SEK/person.

All the prices are in SEK and VAT is included on transfer within Sweden. Transfer to/from Trysil are tax free.

Babyseats can be pre-booked when booking private transfer.

4. Cancellation or rerouting.

Please contact us via email or phone.

5. Cancellation or rerouting after payment.

5.1 Shared transfer

No cancellation fee if announced 30 days prior to departure. With cancellation/rerouting less then 30 days prior we will charge the total price. This includes all transfer types and travel categories. If your transfer is not cancelled, we will charge the total price.

When tickets are cancelled we charge 100 SEK / reservation number in administration fee.

If you have bought the cancellation insurance, you will get a full refund except the 40 SEK/ person.

5.2 Private transfer

Free cancellation if announced 48h prior to departure, when reservation is cancelled we charge a 100 SEK administration fee / reservation number.

Cancellation with less then 48h prior to departure, the full amount will be charged.

6. Our vehicles.

We have a fleet of modern and safe vehicles that carry 1-79 passengers. Vi will always optimize our routes for shared direct transfer and private transfer. We will drive the routes with vehicles with only a few extra seats then tickets sold. We do this to save on our environment, so you’re trip with us can be so ecofriendly as possible. This cause the equipment in the vehicles to vary, but all our vehicles are equipped with heating/AC systems, folding chairs and driven on the fossil free fuel HVO100.

7. Baggage.

One checked bag and one ski bag is allowed per person. They should be put in the vehicle’s storage space. Valuables and cash should not be stored in the storage space. Extra baggage is allowed if booked in advance via phone or email. The cost is 100SEK. If not booked in advance the driver will charge 150SEK for the luggage.

One smaller hand luggage is allowed for free. With the size of 40x30x20 cm. If the transfer is running with a bus. Luggage is not allowed to be stored in the aisle or at any emergency exits for safety reasons.

Our driver may refuse to load your baggage if it can harm or interfere with any other travelers.

Wheelchairs (not electric) walkers and baby carriage is allowed to bring for free if it´s announced 48 hours prior to departure. Easiest way to do so is through phone on +46 280-203 00. It is totally forbidden to bring any baggage containing liquids, flammable/explosive substances.

Sälen Buss AB is not taking any responsibility over your baggage. We only take responsibility if there is any damage or loss, caused of us through via carless handling or intent from our side. In an accident we refund according to current law.

If you have lost any baggage please contact our staff on info@salenbuss.se or +46 280-203 00.

8. Pets/Guide dogs

Pets are forbidden on our transfers.

For service/guide dogs please can be brought for free given they have a valid certificate. It can be brought for free given it is announced 48 hours prior to departure.

If it´s not announced the dog travels for the price of an adult given there is space left in the vehicle.

9. Rules for everyone’s wellbeing.

Smoking is forbidden in all our vehicles.
This includes all transfer types.

Passengers are expected to leave their seats in a clean and good seat.

Passengers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or in any other way disturbs the surrounding may not be allowed on the transfer or be dropped off at secure location

When travelling in shared direct transfer.

Think of your surrounding passengers and keep a good tone and regards using phones, computers or music players. It forbidden to consume alcohol, chips, popcorn, chocolate and nuts in all our vehicles.

10. Timetable and stops.

Use our travel planner for full travel schedule and stops. You can use the map when chosen stop to see the position of the chosen stop.

Sälen Buss AB reserves the rights to make schedule changes in the shared transfer with reservations and without reservations. This is to optimize the routes and to save on the enviroment. Schedule changes will only be made if airlines changes their schedule.

11. Delays

If a delay is caused by vehicle accident or in any way which Sälen Buss AB could prevent.

Total price of ticket (one-way).

  • 50% when delay is more than 20 minutes.
  • 75% when delay is more than 40 minutes.
  • 100% when delay is more than 60 minutes.

If tickets are bought during sales or in any other way bought through a discount. Sälen Buss AB refunds after the reduced price.

12. Complaints

Please fill in this form. For refunds it should be provided to us via post or email at least 3 months after departure.

Adress: Sälen Buss AB, Källvägen 4, SE-782 33 Malung, Sweden or info@salenbuss.se

Please use this form.

13. How we process your personal data.

Sälen Buss AB cares about your personal integrity, so we take care of your data with no other reasons then to process your purchase of tickets. We are following Swedish accounting laws. That means all purchases from us is stored for 7 years.

In this we have: Your name, address, phone number and age.

If you want an offe for larger groups we save the data for a year after last offer.You can always ask to get all your personal data saved at us. Please contact us at +46 280-203 00 or info@salenbuss.se

14. Support.

Phone +46 280-203 00 or email info@salenbuss.se

Hours of service:
Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00

For urgent matters after booked ticket. (less then 48h to departure) please contact +46 70-379 35 93

15. Payment onboard transfer.

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16. Payment online Klarna.

Klarna logo

We use Klarna Checkout as payment.

For help/questions please contact klarna.com.

17. Our agents and partners.